Note: The following sections in this chapter are intentionally left blank: AD 2.7, AD 2.14, AD 2.15, AD 2.16, AD 2.19, AD 2.20, AD 2.21, AD 2.22, AD 2.23.

HCMF AD 2.1  Aerodrome location indicator and name


HCMF AD 2.2  Aerodrome geographical and administrative data

1 ARP coordinates and site at AD

111631N 0490829E

Intersection axe RWY and TWY

2 Direction and distance from (city) 273°, 2.5 NM from Bosaso
3 Elevation/Reference temperature Elev. 40FT/ Temp. 37.7 C
4 MAG VAR/Annual change 1˚E (2020)
5 AD Administration, address, telephone, telefax, telex, AFS

Puntland Civil Aviation and Airports Authority


Bosaso International Airport Company(LLC)
Bosaso Airport


Email: Moocaadgen@gmail.com

Tel:(+253) 0905355554

Email: admin@bosasoairport-biac.com

6 Types of traffic permitted (IFR/VFR) IFR/VFR
7 Remarks Nil

HCMF AD 2.3  Operational hours

1 AD Administration

SUN-THU: 0500-1400 (0500-1900)


2 Customs and immigration

MON-SUN: 0330-1430

3 Health and sanitation NIL
4 AIS Briefing Office MON-SUN: 0330-1430
5 ATS Reporting Office (ARO) MON-SUN: 0330-1430
6 MET Briefing Office MON-SUN: 0330-1430
7 ATS MON-SUN: 0330-1430
8 Fuelling MON-SUN: 0330-1430
9 Handling MON-SUN: 0330-1430
10 Security H24
11 De-icing N/A
12 Rescue Fire Fighting MON-SUN: 0330-1430
13 Remarks

Outside these hours, services are available O/R. Request to be submitted to the AD with:

a- The agreement of the AD Operator.

b- A written request forwarded to the AD Operator which has to reach it at least before 24 hours

HCMF AD 2.4  Handling services and facilities

1 Cargo-handling facilities

Higher Loader. More than 05 tones handling possible.

02 Conveyor belt loaders.

06 Belt Trolleys.

12 Small Loaders units.

2 Fuel/oil types Jet A1/Nil
3 Fuelling facilities/capacity 01 Truck 20 000 liters, 50 liters/minute.
4 De-icing facilities Nil
5 Hangar space for visiting aircraft Nil
6 Repair facilities for visiting aircraft TBN
7 Remarks

1.Ground handling services available. Operators to contact the ground handling company on:

Tel: +25290-7849919 or +252907796207

Email:aismail@sunriseairports.com mali@sunriseairports.com

2.Jet A1 fuel is available Operators to contact the supplier on:

Tel: +25290-7796768


HCMF AD 2.5  Passenger facilities

1 Hotels Near the AD and in the city.
2 Restaurants At AD and in the city.
3 Transportation Taxis Available
4 Medical facilities First aid and Ambulance at AD. Hospitals in the city
5 Bank and Post Office In the city.
6 Tourist Office In the city.
7 Remarks Nil

HCMF AD 2.6  Rescue and fire fighting services

1 AD category for fire fighting Within AD HR: CAT 7
2 Rescue equipment

Yes, 02 intervention vehicles water/11 000 liters water each vehicle

Foaming agent of 1200 liters (AFFF) each with 200 kg of powder (BC)

Rescue and firefighting equipment available

01 Ambulance

3 Capability for removal of disabled aircraft TBN
4 Remarks

Outside AD HR, Fire Fighting Service to be requested. Request to be submitted with:

a- The agreement of the AD Operator.

b- An email request forwarded to the AD Operator which has to reach it at least before 04 hours.

HCMF AD 2.8  Aprons, taxiways and check locations data

1 Apron surface and strength

Concrete, PCN 65/R/A/X/T

2 Taxiway width, surface and strength

23m, Asphalt, PCN 63/F/A/X/T

3 ACL location and elevation

Location: At Apron

Elevation: 26 ft

4 VOR/INS checkpoints


5 Remarks Nil

HCMF AD 2.9  Surface movement guidance and control system and markings

1 Use of aircraft stand ID signs, TWY guide lines and visual docking/parking guidance system of aircraft stands

Taxiing guidance signs at the intersection of TWY and RWY and at holding position.

Guidelines at apron.

2 RWY and TWY markings and

RWY markings: Threshold, Designation, Touchdown zone, center line, side stripe, Aiming point, Pre-threshold

TWY markings: Centre line, side stripe, holding position

3 Stop bars NIL
4 Remarks Nil

HCMF AD 2.10  Aerodrome Obstacles

Note: Area 2 and Area 3 Obstacle data Set Not Available

ICAO Annex 14 Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Analysis Obstacles that penetrate the obstacle limitation surfaces

OBST ID/DesignationOBST typeOBST Position ELEV/HGTMarkings/Type ColorRemarks
HCMFOB007Antenna111657,67N 0491029,90E249/216 FTNilNil
HCMFOB008Antenna111701,71N 0491046,03E232/197 FTNilNil
HCMFOB009Antenna111651,67N 0491029,77E203/168 FTNilNil
HCMIOB013Antenna111642,21N 0491055,64E188/139 FTNilNil
HCMIOB017Antenna111628,94N 0491104,12E261/197 FTNilNil
HCMIOB019Antenna1111622,96N 0491042,08E193/138 FTNilNil
HCMIOB020Antenna111619,12N 0491027,23E158/112 FTNilNil
HCMIOB021Antenna111610,43N 0491057,29E216/147 FTNilNil
HCMIOB022Antenna111557,92N 0491120,89E304/213 FTNilNil
HCMIOB024Natural High Point111601,91N 0490913,87E218/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB025Natural High Point111617,79N 0490856,96E227/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB026Natural High Point111620,73N 0490849,7E207/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB027Natural High Point111621,4N 0490841,45E143/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB028Natural High Point111518,21N 0490749,42E497/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB029Natural High Point111518,21N 0490749,42E507/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB030Natural High Point111517,54N 0490716,32E525/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB031Natural High Point111509,54N 0490655,06E535/0 FTNilNil
HCMIOB032Natural High Point111449,3N 0490610,38E536/0 FTNilNil

HCMF AD 2.11  Meteorological information provided

1 Associated MET Office Bosaso

Hours of service

MET Office outside hours

0330 - 1430 UTC

Office responsible for TAF preparation

Periods of validity



Type of landing forecast

Interval of issuance


5 Briefing/consultation provided NIL

Flight documentation

Language(s) used

Charts, abbreviated plain language text


7 Charts and other information available for briefing or consultation

Observation Reports METAR, SPECI and SYNOP.

8 Supplementary equipment available for providing information

Weather Monitor Vantage pr II

9 ATS units provided with information

Bosaso TWR

10 Additional information (limitation of service, etc.) Nil

HCMF AD 2.12  Runway physical characteristics




TRUE BRG Dimensions of RWY (M)Strength (PCN) and surface of RWY and SWYTHR coordinatesTHR elevation and highest elevation of TDZ of precision APP RWY


2400 x 45

PCN 63/F/A/X/T




TTHR 33.3 FT


2400 x 45

PCN 63/F/A/X/T


111631.57N 0490901.48E

111630.05N 0490742.36E

THR 38.7 FT

Slope of RWY-SWYSWY dimensions (M) CWY dimensions (M)Strip dimensions (M)Dimensions of runway end safety areas(M)Location and description of arresting systemOFZRemarks
0.07%NilNil2520 × 28090 × 90NilNilNil

HCMF AD 2.13  Declared distances

RWY DesignatorTORA (M)TODA (M) ASDA (M)LDA (M)Remarks
092 4002 4002 4002 4602 400Nil
272 4002 4002 4002 400Nil

HCMF AD 2.17  Air traffic services airspace

1 Designation and lateral limits

Bosaso ATZ

A circle, radius 15 NM centred at 111700N 0491100E

2 Vertical limits SFC to 3 000 FT MSL
3 Airspace classification D

ATS unit call sign


Bosaso Tower


5 Transition altitude 3 000 FT MSL
6 Remarks Nil

HCMF AD 2.18  Air traffic services communication facilities

Service designationCall signFrequencyHours of operationRemarks
TWRBosaso Tower

120.9 MHZ

DAILY 0330 - 1430 Z Nil

HCMF AD 2.24  Charts related to an aerodrome

Figure 13. Aerodrome Chart — ICAOFigure 13. Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart — ICAOFigure 13. Aerodrome Obstacle Chart — ICAO