ENR 1.11  Addressing of flight plan messages

Flight movement messages relating to traffic into or via the AMSWELL FIR shall be addressed as stated below in order to warrant correct relay and delivery.

Note: Flight movement messages in this context comprise flight plan messages, amendment messages relating thereto and flight plan cancellation messages (ICAO PANS-RAC, Doc 4444, Part VIII, refers).

AIP Page GEN 2.4 indicate the location indicators to be used in AFS.

Category of flight (IFR, VFR or both)Route (into or via FIR and/or TMA)Message address
IFR flights/VFRinto or via Mogadishu FIRHCSMZQZX, HCSMZIZX, HCMMZPZX
IFR/VFR flightsAdan Adde AirportHCSMZQZX, HCMMZPZX
Egal AirportHCSMZQZX, ................
Bosaso AirportHCSMZQZX, .................

NOTE:- the only station connected to the AFTN line is mogadishu HARGEISA, BOSSASO AFTN installations is under going