GEN 1.2  Entry, transit and departure of aircraft

1  General

1.1 International flights into, from or over Mogadishu FIR shall be subject to the current Somalia regulations relating to civil aviation. These regulations correspond in all essentials to the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 9 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.
1.2 Aircraft flying into or departing from the territory of Somalia shall make their first landing at, or final departure from, an international aerodrome/heliport (see AIP Somalia pages, AD 1.3).

2  Scheduled flights

2.1  General
2.1.1 For regular international scheduled flights operated by foreign airlines into or in transit across Mogadishu FIR, the following requirements must be met:
  1. the State of the airline must be a party to the International Air Services Transit Agreement and/or the International Air Transport Agreement Somalia is a party to both Agreements;
  2. the airline must be eligible to make the flights under the provisions of a bilateral or multilateral agreement to which the State of the airline and Somalia are contracting parties and must have a permit to operate into or in transit across Somalia. Applications for such permits shall be submitted to
    The Director General
    Somalia CivilAviation Authority (SCAA)
    Adan Adde International Airport, Mogadishu Somalia.
    Tel: +2521853675
    Tel: +2521853676
2.2  Documentary requirements for clearance of aircraft
2.2.1 It is necessary that the undermentioned aircraft documents be submitted by airline operators for clearance on entry and departure of their aircraft to and from Somalia. All documents listed below must follow the ICAO standard format as set forth in the relevant appendices to ICAO Annex 9 and are acceptable whenfurnished in English and completed in legible handwriting. No visas are required in connexion with such documents.
2.2.2 Aircraft documents required (arrival/departure)
Required byGeneral declarationPassenger manifestCargo manifest

3  Non-scheduled flight

3.1  Procedures
3.1.1 If an operator intends to carry out a (series of) non-scheduled flight(s) in transit across, or making non-traffic stops in, the territory of Somalia, it is necessary for the operator to obtain prior landing/overflying permission from SCAA
3.1.2 If an operator intends to perform a (series of) non-scheduled flight(s) into Somaliaf or the purpose of taking on or discharging passengers, cargo or mail, it is necessary for the operator to apply to Somali Civil Avition Authority (SCAA) for permission to carry out such operations not less than twenty-four hours in advance of the intended landing.Application for Entry/Overflight Clearance shall be addressed to the Flight Information Services for Somalia through TEL NO. +2521853675/+2521853676/+2521857394 or Email: The application must include the following information in the order shown hereunder:
  1. Name of operator;
  2. Address of the operator;
  3. Type of aircraft;
  4. Aircraft Callsign;
  5. Registration Mark;
  6. Nature of flight;
  7. Date and Place of origin of flight;
  8. Complete route itinerary including dates and times (UTC)
3.2  Documentary requirements for clearance of aircraft
3.2.1 Same requirements as for SCHEDULED FLIGHTS.

4  Private flights

4.1  Advance notification of arrival
4.1.1 NIL
4.1.2 NIL
4.1.3 NIL
4.2  Documentary requirements for clearance of aircraf
4.2.1 NIL

5  Public health measures applied to aircraft

5.1 NIL
5.2 NIL