GEN 1.3  Entry, transit and departure of passengers and crew

1  Customs requirements

1.1 Somalia is a Federal Republic consisting of several States with State specific customs, immigration and public health requirements. Passengers and crew are advised to contact the relevant State Authorities responsible for the entry, transit and departure of passengers and crew at a particular airport of entry/exit.
1.2 The table below lists contact details for authorities responsible for civil aviation at some of the airports of entry/exit in Somalia, from which information on the customs, immigration and public health can be requested.
Airport of Entry/ExitAddress of Civil Avition Authority
1. Aden Adde International Airport,Mogadishu
2. Kismayo INTL Airport
3. Baidao INTL Airport, Baidao, Somalia
4. Dusomareb INTL Airport, Dusomareb, Somalia
5.Beletuen INTL Airport, Beletuen, Somalia
Somalia Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA),
Aden Adde International Airport, Mogadishu Somalia.
Tel: +2521853675
Tel: +2521853676
1. EGAL International Airport, Somaliland
2. Berbera International Airport, Somaliland
3. Burao International Airport, Somaliland
Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports Authority
Egal International Airport, Hargeisa Somalia.
Tel: +252-63-4428402
1. Bosaso International Airport, Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia
2. Garowe International Airport, Garowe
Galkaio INTL airport, Puntland, Somalia
Ministry of Civil Aviation and Airports Authority, Puntland Somalia
Tel: +252-90-7791233

2  Immigration requirements

2.1 Arriving Passengers Passengers entering the Federal Government of Somalia are required to present themselves with a valid passport/travel documents that has at least six months of validity from the final travel date, and some blank visa pages. Currently immigration visas are provided on arrival in
2.1 Transit Passengers No documents or visas are required for passengers arriving and departing on the same flight or transferring to another flight at the same airport.



2.2 Departing passengers Passengers are required to produce their valid passport/travel documents for inspection.
2.3 crew A flight crew member on a scheduled service who retains his license in his possession when embarking or disembarking, remains at the airport where the aircraft has stopped, or within the confines of the cities adjacent thereto, and departs on the same aircraft or on his next regularly scheduled flight out of the Federal Government of Somalia, his crew member license or certificate is accepted in lieu of passport or visa for temporary admission into Somalia

3  Public health requirements

3.1 NIL
3.2 NIL