GEN 2  Tables and Codes

GEN 2.1  Measuring system, aircraft markings, holidays

1  Units of measurement

The table of units of measurement shown below will be used by aeronautical stations within Mogadishu FIR for air and ground operations

2  2 Temporal reference system

Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the Gregorian calendar are used by the air navigation services and in publications issued by the Aeronautical Information Service unless otherwise specified. Reporting of time is expressed to the nearest minute,e.g. 12:40:35 is reported as 1241.

3  Geodetic reference datum

3.1  Name/designation of datum

All published geographical coordinates indicating latitude and longitude are expressed in terms of the World Geodetic System — 1984 (WGS-84) geodetic reference datum.

3.2  Area of application

The area of application for the published geographical coordinates coincides with the area of responsibility of the Aeronautical Information Service, i.e. the entire territory of Somalia as well as the airspace over the high seas encompassed by the Mogadishu FIR Flight Information Region in accordance with the regional air navigation agreement.

For measurement ofUnits used
Distance used in navigation, position reporting, etc. — generally in excess of 2 nautical milesNautical Miles and tenths
Relatively short distances such as those relating to aerodromes (e.g. runway lengths)Metres
Altitudes, elevations and heightsFeet
Horizontal speed including wind speedKnots
Vertical speedFeet per minute
Wind direction for landing and taking offDegrees Magnetic
Wind direction except for landing and taking offDegrees True
Visibility including runway visual rangeKilometres or metres
Altimeter settingHectopascal
TemperatureDegrees Celsius
WeightMetric tonnes or Kilogrammes
TimeHours and minutes, beginning at midnight UTC
3.3  Use of an asterisk to identify published geographical coordinates

An asterisk (∗) will be used to identify those published geographical coordinates which have been transformed into WGS-84 coordinates but whose accuracy of original field work does not meet the requirements in ICAO Annex 11, Chapter 2 and ICAO Annex 14, Volumes I and II, Chapter 2. Specifications for determination and reporting of WGS-84 coordinates are given in ICAO Annex 11, Chapter 2 and in ICAO Annex 14, Volumes I and II, Chapter 2.

4  Aircraft nationality and registration marks

The nationality mark for aircraft registered in Somalia is the letter O preceded by number 6. The nationality mark is followed by a hyphen and a registration mark consisting of 3 letters, e.g. 6O-ABA.

5  Public holidays

Independence"s Day26 Jun
Independence Day1st Jul
Idd- ul-fitirTBN
Idd-Ul AzhaTBN

Note: Some administrative services may not be available and banks and other institutions may not be open on the aforementioned days: